January 27, 2015   

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Custom Control Panels

Custom Control Panels, Temperature Control Panels for a wide variety of applications are manufactured by Heaters Controls And Sensors. We provide Custom Control Panels, Temperature Control Panels that are needed to operate in 60ºC environments, to laboratory controllers that are to maintain temperatures within +/- 0.01ºC.

These Custom Control Panels, Temperature Control Panels could be made to withstand washdowns with corrosive chemicals with all components on the panel conforming to IP 65 and NEMA 4X. Integration of components for steam booster heaters or recirculation heaters with flow fail safe interlocks are also available.

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DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter

Measure flow from outside a pipe. The Greyline DFM 5.1 is designed for "difficult liquids" that would damage regular flow meters - wastewater, slurries, sludge, chemicals, viscous liquids and abrasives. There is no obstruction to flow and no pressure drop. The non-intrusive, clamp-on ultrasonic sensor fits any pipe 1/2" (12.5 mm) Inside Diameter or larger. The electronics/display enclosure can be mounted nearby.

Use the isolated 4-20mA to transmit flow to remote displays, recorders or controllers. The programmable relays can be used for flow control, pump protection or flow proportionate pulse. Calibration is easy with the built-in 5-key calibrator. Display and totalize flow in your choice of engineering units (gallons, liters etc.)

  Walchem W600 Water Treatment Controller

Take Control Now and Connect with the Best!

The W600 series provides reliable, flexible and powerful control for your water treatment program.

  • Large touchscreen display with icon based programming makes setup easy
  • Universal sensor input provides extraordinary flexibility; the same controller can be used with almost any type of sensor needed
  • Optional dual analog (4-20 mA) input for Fluorometers or nearly any other process value
  • Multiple language support allows simple setup no matter where your business takes you
  • Six control outputs allow the controller to be used in more applications
  • Economical wall-mount package for easy installation

Biodegradable Descaler

Dynamic Descaler® is a revolutionary liquid descaler that rapidly dissolves all water scale and lime plus it removes mud, rust, and other non-soluble sedimentation deposits safely and effectively.

As a Plant Manager or Maintenance Engineer you already know that water scale on any heat transfer surface reduces the effectiveness of that heat transfer. This results in reduced equipment efficiency while increasing energy consumption, increasing costs and even increasing plant downtime.

In the past removing scale has been a major problem. Mechanical removal requires extensive downtime while the item of equipment is disassembled, then re-assembled. And corrosive acid cleaners, such as concentrated hydrochloric acid, raise occupational health and safety concerns and disposal problems.

 Jabsco Hy-Line LH Series Hygienic Rotary Lobe Pump

JABSCO Hy-Line Rotary Lobe pumps are robust, durable machines designed for long life in demanding applications. Modular construction, using interchangeable parts, enables pumps with a wide range of seal, port and rotor configurations to be built and motorised on short lead times.

  • Flow rates up to 126m³/hr (35 litres/second)
  • Pressures up to Up to 10bar (146 psi)
  • Temperature range: -40ºC to +200ºC
  • Liquid viscosity range: 1 to 1,000,000 centipoise

Calibration Cylinders

CLEARVIEW Calibration Cylinders have been developed for the accurate calibration of metering pumps. Available in polypropylene , PVC and glass. Standard features of the CLEARVIEW Calibration Cylinders include:

  • exceptional clarity, chemical resistant, break resistant
  • threaded, socket or flanged
  • removable "O" ring sealed top
  • float level indicator
  • PVC has dual scale USGPH & ml
  • PVC sizes 100 - 20000 ml
  • POLY & glass sizes 100 - 4000 ml

Ring Blade™ Air Wipe Available In 316L Stainless Steel

The Nex Flow™ Ring Blade™ Compressed Air Operated Air Wipe, is used extensively for blowing off liquids and dirt from extruded surfaces. Priced among the lowest of any competitive units, the Nex Flow™ Ring Blade™ air wipe is now available in 316L c/w 316L stainless steel shims, screws, fitting and connection hose. Nex Flow™ Ring Blade™ air wipes are complete with materials you "pay extra" for from many over-priced competitors.

Available in ½", 1", 2", 3", and 4" diameters for 316L stainless steel. (and in ½", 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6" diameters in anodized aluminum).

6" & 12" Extruder Rupture Disks With M18 x 1.5 Mounting Thread

The RD6H-M18 Extruder Rupture Disks are designed for emergency relief of excess pressure in plastics processing machinery. It is designed to instantaneously rupture at a predetermined pressure.

The RD6H-M18 Extruder Rupture Disk have a 6" stem, Hex Head and a M18 x 1.5 mounting thread. The RD6H-M18 is available in a wide variety of burst pressures and is typically a stock item.

The RD12H-M18 Extruder Rupture Disk is designed for emergency relief of excess pressure in plastics processing machinery. It is designed to instantaneously rupture at a predetermined pressure.

The RD12H-M18 Extruder Rupture Disk has a 12" stem, Hex Head and a M18 x 1.5 mounting thread. The RD6H-M18 is available in a wide variety of burst pressures and is typically a stock item.

Ultrasonic Anemometer

The Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D is designed to detect the horizontal components of wind speed and wind direction as well as the virtual temperature in two dimensions. Due to its very short measurement intervals, the instrument is ideal for the inertia-free measurement of gusts and peak values.

In certain weather situations the accuracy of the air temperature measurement (virtual-temperature) surpasses that one of the classic method where the temperature transmitter is used in a weather and thermal radiation shield.

The measured data are available as analogue signals and as a data telegram over a serial interface.

Compact Camera EC-710 Series

The camera's extremely compact design allows it to be placed in almost any niche. Design and material allow harsh environment applications. Sight glass mount to monitor any process and procedure.

The extremely small, lightweight, unobtrusive, robust and compact design allows it to be placed in the tightest corner. 7 lenses and therefore 7 different viewing angles ensure a constant monitoring and overview of the plant. The low power consumption allows autonomous operation in conjunction with solar power or battery power. Quick, easy and cost-saving mounting/installation. Zone 1,2, 21, 22

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The Nex Flow™ Ultrasonic Leak Detector is the ideal maintenance yool to reduce rompressed air costs due to leaks. Typically only 50% of a compressor’s air is used for production and the rest is “lost” though waste and air leaks. According to the U.S. Department of Energy “Ultrasonic technology is the best method for finding leaks and verifying repairs.”

The better the system, the more leaks you find and the more money you save! Always beware of cheap ultrasonic leak detector that just may not do the job.

C-Level Continuous Level Indicator

The Ramsey C-Level Continuous Level Indicator's simple operation and ease of calibration have made it a favorite with users in a variety of industries ranging from food processing to asphalt plants. Its microprocessor-based control uses input from up to 8 sensors to calculate and display the material level on an easy-to-read LED bar graph.

Thousands of Ramsey C-Level continuous level indicating systems have been successfully applied in a variety of industries ranging from food processing to asphalt plants. Unlike most level detection systems, it is not affected by uneven material discharge, build-up on sidewalls or bridging.

NPE2015 International Plastics Showcase

ONEhalf20 invites you to join them in Orlando, Florida March 23 - 27, 2015 for the world's largest plastics trade show and conference which brings together all sectors of the supply chain to include end markets and brand owners. Featuring industry-focused education, showcasing equipment and material suppliers, emerging technologies, and running equipment for every phase of plastics processing, you are sure to find your solution.

As an individual, you make great things. As an industry, we make great things happen. We provide solutions to every day needs. We provide protection, safety, entertainment, convenience, comfort, advancements, innovation and much more. And every three years, we come together to discuss our world’s needs and how plastics can provide a better solution.

Come by booth S20146 and see ONEhalf20 Inc.

Dywer Series DCG Digital Pressure Calibration Gauge

The Series DCG Digital Pressure Calibration Gauge features a remarkable 0.05% full scale accuracy that includes the effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, and temperature across the entire compensated temperature range. This gauge was specifically designed to be a portable test gage where its unmatched accuracy is required. This is a highly durable gage that is housed in a rugged and compact 3 inch stainless steel case.

This highly accurate test gage offers menu configurable and password protected features that include engineering unit conversion, seven selectable languages, field calibration capabilities, as well as an adjustable bar graph and update/dampening rates.

Rotational Position Transducer

Celesco’s model RT9101 provides a voltage feedback signal for rotational position. The sensing element of this device is a precision plastic-hybrid potentiometer which provied superb linearity and resolution.

This innovative sensor from Celesco, designed to meet tough NEMA-4 and IP67 environmental standards, is available in full-stroke measurement ranges of 1/4 to 50 turns. Because the sensor is potentiometric, the RT9101 is absolute and will maintain position information even after a loss of power.