July 14, 2015  

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Circulation Heaters: Electric Circulation Heaters for Gases and Liquids

Circulation heaters are used when a pressurized, circulating fluid needs to be heated. A flanged immersion heater, or a screw plug immersion heater is inserted into a into a pressure vessel. This vessel may also be called a pipe body. The fluid passing though this circulation heater will raise to the desired temperature. This heating approach greatly enhances normal immersion heaters by offering a method to give you heat on demand. Many temperature control options give you can get the exact temperature control of the heated fluid.

Circulation heaters are ideal for pre-heating fuel oil, pumping viscosity and closed loop heat transfer systems or boosting the temperature of a gas. Standard ratings from 1.5 to 465 kW in various watt densities, sheath materials, chamber materials and pressure ratings.

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MantaRay Portable Area-Velocity Flow Meter

The MantaRay Portable Area-Velocity Flow Meter measures flow in open channels, partially filled and surcharged pipes using an ultrasonic sensor. It's designed for monitoring stormwater, sewage, industrial effluent, irrigation water and natural streams. The MantaRay displays and datalogs flow rate and total flow and connects to samplers, SCADA and telemetry systems.

Calibration is simple: enter the pipe diameter or channel dimensions and the MantaRay automatically computes and displays the flow rate and total on its backlit LCD display. 
Mount the sensor at the bottom of the pipe or channel and hang the IP67 electronics case above the high water level.

SP100 Series Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

The SP100 Series Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump can be configured in materials that are resistant to industrial chemicals and proven to provide complete compatibility coverage for a wide range of fluids.

With the highest flow rate in the industry and the lowest pulsation, you can quickly and efficiently transfer fluid without the splash and mess. Patented Air Valve design provides the low pulsation (low pressure drop) and the patented ring construction provides the lowest turnaround time in maintenance. You can clean the check valves quickly with the threaded rings, no nuts or bolts to lose.

With its extensive list of features, the SP100 Series outperforms the competition time and time again.

Frigid-X™ Cabinet Panel Coolers

Frigid-X™ Cabinet Panel Coolers and Cabinet Enclosure Coolers for electronic control panels provide a low cost method of both purging and cooling electrical and electronic control panels by using a stainless steel vortex tube to create cold air from ordinary compressed air.

Unlike many of our competitors all of the our Frigid-X Cabinet Panel Coolers and Cabinet Enclosure Coolers are stainless steel, not just the vortex tube for longer life and flexible use. Frigid-X Cabinet Panel Coolers and Cabinet Enclosure Coolers are compact and can be installed in minutes through a standard electrical knockout. There are virtually no moving parts.

 End Suction Pumps - Series HS From Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos end-suction pumps combine compact design, economical cost and simple maintenance to provide high-efficiency performance in a wide variety of applications. And because they include the pump end, motor adaptor and standard NEMA motor, Grundfos end-suction pumps install easily with no baseplates, bearing frames, couplings or guards.


  • Water Circulation
  • Booster
  • Liquid Transfer
  • Filter Systems
  • Water Fountains
  • Irrigation

Calibration Cylinders

CLEARVIEW Calibration Cylinders have been developed for the accurate calibration of metering pumps. Available in polypropylene , PVC and glass. Standard features of the CLEARVIEW Calibration Cylinders include:

  • exceptional clarity, chemical resistant, break resistant
  • threaded, socket or flanged
  • removable "O" ring sealed top
  • float level indicator
  • PVC has dual scale USGPH & ml
  • PVC sizes 100 - 20000 ml
  • POLY & glass sizes 100 - 4000 ml

Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler

Mini Spot Cooler - Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler is a low cost and maintenance free system which utilizes a vortex tube to produce cold air at one end. It is quiet and compact.

Mini Spot Cooler - Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler is designed for small parts and produces a stream of 15 to 20 degree F (minus 9.5 to 7 degree C) of cold air to prevent heat buildup depending on inlet air temperature. It can improve tolerances in maching of small critical parts and increase production rates.

Melt Pressure Gauge

The ONEhalf20 CTG6S Melt Pressure Gauge is the ideal choice for extrusion processors requiring a simple, reliable and accurate maintenance free melt pressure measurement. This rugged, totally self-contained Melt Pressure Gauge is available in either 0-5,000 psi or 0-10,000 psi ranges. This Melt Pressure Gauge allows the user to benefit from the improved efficiency and quality that goes along with melt pressure measurement at an affordable price.

The ONEhalf20 Melt Pressure Gauge Model CTG6S also offers the advantage of providing the industry standard 3.33 mv/Volt output utilizing the Bendix style 6 pin bayonet connector. This output enables the user to also connect this gauge to a remote panel mount digital melt pressure indicator.

Ultrasonic Anemometer

The Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D is designed to detect the horizontal components of wind speed and wind direction as well as the virtual temperature in two dimensions. Due to its very short measurement intervals, the instrument is ideal for the inertia-free measurement of gusts and peak values.

In certain weather situations the accuracy of the air temperature measurement (virtual-temperature) surpasses that one of the classic method where the temperature transmitter is used in a weather and thermal radiation shield.

The measured data are available as analogue signals and as a data telegram over a serial interface.

 Extruder Rupture Disks

ONEhalf20 Extruder Rupture Disks (Burst Plugs) are designed to provide emergency pressure relief on plastics processing machinery.

Extruder Rupture Disks (Burst Plugs) from ONEhalf20 are offered in a variety of lengths and configurations. Rupture disks are available with burst pressures from 1,500 up to 15,000 PSI.

ONEhalf20 Extruder Rupture Disks (Burst Plugs) are offered with several mounting thread styles that are commonly found on plastics processing machinery.

Safety Devices From DOLD

Today, our specialized safety hardware department is one of the development of the relay module business unit. What started decades ago with the development of a two-hand safety relay was continued and extended to form an extensive safety relay module range over the last 15 years. From single function safety modules up to modular multifunction safety systems with field bus connections, designed to protect both man and machine.

Sometimes it is not too easy for machine and system manufacturers and users alike to design safety-related circuits using discrete contactor hardware to comply with the abundance of regulations currently in place.

To assist them, DOLD offer type-tested safety modules allowing tailored solutions to be installed with respect to functionality and cost.

Stainless Steel Reversible Drum Angel Drum Pump

The Nex Flow™ 316L Stainless Steel Reversible Drum Angel/Drum Pump/Reversible Drum Vac is a maintenance free system to recover spilled liquids, coolant, sludge, tramp oil, waste water and other liquids using only compressed air. The compressed air system attaches easily to any closed head of a drum (30 or 55 US gallon, or 45 Imperial gallon or 205 liter drum).

The reversible feature allows you to fill or empty the drum in under two minutes with the simple turn of a knob. The flow rate can be controlled either by a shut-off valve or regulator, or by the knob itself. Drum should have a nominal wall thickness of 1.5mm (16 gauge) and in good condition to maintain integrity of system performance and safety. Using no electricity, these system last and last, unlike many electrical units that wear out quickly in harsh industrial environments. A built in safety feature prevents overfilling and spills.

C-Level Continuous Level Indicator

The Ramsey C-Level Continuous Level Indicator's simple operation and ease of calibration have made it a favorite with users in a variety of industries ranging from food processing to asphalt plants. Its microprocessor-based control uses input from up to 8 sensors to calculate and display the material level on an easy-to-read LED bar graph.

Thousands of Ramsey C-Level continuous level indicating systems have been successfully applied in a variety of industries ranging from food processing to asphalt plants. Unlike most level detection systems, it is not affected by uneven material discharge, build-up on sidewalls or bridging.

Ashcroft H2 Precision Pressure Transducer

The Ashcroft H2 precision pressure transducer is ideal for measuring and controlling challenging hydraulic and pneumatic applications. This is accomplished through the use of a unique digital compensation process. The high-accuracy and performance combined with its rugged construction provides the user with a highly reliable and safe sensor platform.

The Ashcroft H2 is a highly accurate and reliable sensor for monitoring and controlling pressure. The all-welded construction provides an extremely safe sensor platform making it ideal for challenging applications. Select from a wide choice of pressure ranges, along with selections of industry-specific pressure fitting and electrical connections.