July 28, 2015  

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True RMS Current Transducers And Transmitters

CR4110/4120 Series True RMS Current Transducers and Transmitters are designed for applications where AC current waveforms are not purely sinusoidal. More precise and accurate than other transducers, these devices are ideal in chopped wave and phase fired control systems.

CR4110/4120Series True RMS Current Transducers and Transmitters monitor AC current and produce a calibrated 4-20 mA or 0-5 V dc output signal. CR4110/4120 Series True RMS Current Transducers and Transmitters operate over frequency ranges of 20 to 5K Hz and are available in seven different input ranges. In addition, external current transformers are available to extend the measurement range. Response time is 250 ms and the MTBF is greater than 100K hours. A unique design feature of the new CR4110/4120 Series True RMS Current Transducers and Transmitters allows mounting on 35 mm DIN rails or they can be surface mounted with #5 screws.

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PSL 5.0 Hybrid Pump Station Level Controller

Ideal for sewage pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and tank level control with a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted above the liquid. The new Greyline PSL 5.0 Level Controller has 6 independently programmable control relays for pump or valve control, level alarms, dialers, temperature alarm and echo-loss alarm.

Mount the non-contacting, ultrasonic sensor in the tank or wet well and install the watertight electronics in the control room or any location within 500 ft / 150 m. Use the simple menu system and built-in keypad to set up measurement range, relay set points and pump alternation sequence. A relay/pump run time report is updated and stored automatically for viewing on the PSL 5.0 backlit LCD display.

For hazardous locations, the ultrasonic sensor is rated Intrinsically Safe with an optional safety barrier. It is rated for measurement ranges up to 32 ft / 10 m, or use the optional PVC Sensor rated for 50 ft / 15.6 m measurement range.

  Dosing Pumps from Lutz-JESCO America Corp

Lutz-Jesco has therefore developed special solutions for each area of application. Our extensive range of products start from cost-effective, magnetically-operated diaphragm dosing pumps, through the "muscular" motor-driven diaphragm dosing pumps, up to the piston dosing pumps for high pressure requirements. These are used for dosing fluids with highly varied viscosities, most of which are chemically aggressive and toxic, and some of which are actually abrasive or emit gases.

Diaphragm dosing pumps are leak-free, and are therefore suitable for highly aggressive or toxic media. Depending on the gear type, the diaphragm allows pressures up to 16 bar. Stepper motor-driven diaphragm pumps are particularly suitable for highly accurate, reproducible industrial dosing thanks to their design. Many fluid media can be safely fed into the respective processes using these pumps.

Stainless Steel Reversible Drum Angel Drum Pump

The Nex Flow™ 316L Stainless Steel Reversible Drum Angel/Drum Pump/Reversible Drum Vac is a maintenance free system to recover spilled liquids, coolant, sludge, tramp oil, waste water and other liquids using only compressed air. The compressed air system attaches easily to any closed head of a drum (30 or 55 US gallon, or 45 Imperial gallon or 205 liter drum).

The reversible feature allows you to fill or empty the drum in under two minutes with the simple turn of a knob. The flow rate can be controlled either by a shut-off valve or regulator, or by the knob itself. Drum should have a nominal wall thickness of 1.5mm (16 gauge) and in good condition to maintain integrity of system performance and safety. Using no electricity, these system last and last, unlike many electrical units that wear out quickly in harsh industrial environments. A built in safety feature prevents overfilling and spills.

 Valveless Piston Pump

Micropump® achieves a new level of accuracy and reproducibility with the Series PF Valveless Piston Pump. Designed for highly viscous and abrasive fluids, the Series PF pump maintains high-volumetric efficiency at elevated pressures for precise dispensing and/or continuous
metering in a compact package. With no valves, the Series PF virtually eliminates clogging and

Micropump uses the latest engineering tools and manufacturing equipment to produce the most innovative pumping solutions available. Products are developed using state-of-the-art CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and rapid prototyping tools to ensure the highest level of product quality and reliability.

ACCU-VENT Automatic Degassing Valves

ACCU-VENT Automatic Degassing Valves are designed to automatically vent gases and vapors that are commonly released from chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite or Hydrogen Peroxide or Sulfuric Acid.

  • CPVC (Corzan) and Viton corrosion resistant wetted materials of construction
  • specially designed float material automatically vents built up gases on system start up and under working pressure
  • can be used on feed side or discharge side of pump (or both)
  • standard 1/2" NPT threaded connections or optional 3/4" NPT available in other materials of construction for various gaseous liquid chemicals

Ring Blade™ Air Wipe Available In 316L Stainless Steel

The Nex Flow™ Ring Blade™ Compressed Air Operated Air Wipe, is used extensively for blowing off liquids and dirt from extruded surfaces. Priced among the lowest of any competitive units, the Nex Flow™ Ring Blade™ air wipe is now available in 316L c/w 316L stainless steel shims, screws, fitting and connection hose. Nex Flow™ Ring Blade™ air wipes are complete with materials you "pay extra" for from many over-priced competitors.

Available in ½", 1", 2", 3", and 4" diameters for 316L stainless steel. (and in ½", 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6" diameters in anodized aluminum).

ITMA or V Industrial Pressure Transmitters

The ITMA or V Industrial Pressure Transmitters are designed for the tough environments of hydraulic applications with the possible prescence of corrosive materials.

The ITMA or V Industrial Pressure Transmitters feature the reliable Bendix style 6 pin connector and either 4-20mA or 0 - 10 Vdc output. The units offer 1/8 X 27 NPT female process connection as standard.

  • 4-20mA or 0 - 10 Vdc outputs with zero and span adjustments
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5%
  • Internal 80% shunt calibration
  • All welded all stainless steel construction

Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter

The Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter measures the moisture content of many solid materials quickly and accurately. It provides a direct read-out of percent moisture in seconds. The extensive selection of probes available suits the Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter to very many materials.

Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter is designed for easy portability, fast operation with instantaneous indication and universal use. They are compact, handy units supplied with accessories, in a carrying case.

The measuring principle of the AQUA BOY is based on the electrical conductivity of the material which always bears a fixed relation to the moisture.

Melt Pressure & Temperature Guage With Integral Thermocouple

ONEhalf20 Melt Pressure & Temperature Gauge CTG6 is the ideal choice for extrusion processors requiring a simple, reliable and accurate maintenance free melt pressure measurement. This rugged, totally self-contained Melt Pressure & Temperature Gauge is available in either 0-5,000 psi or 0-10,000 psi ranges. This Melt Pressure & Temperature Gauge allows the user to benefit from the improved efficiency and quality that goes along with melt pressure and temperature measurement at an affordable price.

ONEhalf20 Melt Pressure & Temperature Gauge CTG6 comes standard with a 6" rigid stem, 30" of flexible capillary, integral Type J thermocouple, abd a 1/2-20 UNF mounting thread.

Liquid Level Float Switches

Liquid Level Float Switches from Ktech Industrial Products Inc., Are top-mounted with between one and four setpoints. A single point sensor may be used to provide a highor low level alarm contact.

Liquid Level Float Switches are factory-sealed and explosion-proof. They are approved for hazardous locations, Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C, D. Explosion-proof housings are an optional accessory.

Vortex Tubes - Available In 3 Size Ranges

The Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Vortex Tube is now available in three size ranges: Small - Medium - Large for extra large cooling applications.

Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Vortex Tubes are made of stainless steel with brass generators for long life (unlike competitive units which use plastic).

A vortex tube works on standard compressed air which it divides into two streams - one hot at one end, and one cold stream at the other - all without moving parts. Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Vortex Tubes have an adjustable valve at the hot end which controls the volume of air flow and the temperature at the cold end. By adjusting the valve, you control the "cold fraction" which is the percentage of total input compressed air that exist the cold end of the unit.

Rotary Vane Seal-Less Mag-Drive Pumps

The WARRENDER WMDAV Series Alloy P.D. Rotary Vane Seal-Less Mag-drive Pumps are ideally suited for low flow / high head applications. The top porting design is ideally suited for a confined piping system. All WMRA pumps are equipped with zero leakage magnetic couplings to meet the latest toxic emissions regulations. The WMDAV pumps feature self-compensating sliding-vanes which maintain design head and flow capacities for extended operating life. The WMDAV pumps are suitable for thin non-lubricating liquids and/or high differential pressures. The pumps are capable of self-priming from a dry start.

Compression Load Cell

The CSP-M is a multi-column, low profile, stainless steel compression load cell. The unique four column design offers excellent insensitivity to eccentric loads whilst maintaining accuracy.

This product is, without a doubt, one of the most successful compression cells ever produced and is suitable for use in road and rail weighbridges and process weighing applications.

The fully leak-tested welded construction, advanced cable entry and built-in surge protection tubes ensure that this product can be used successfully in harsh environments.