February 9, 2016  

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Flanged Immersion Heaters

Flanged immersion heaters are used in large capacity vessels, in high pressure applications and are installed by bolting the unit to a matching flange welded to the vessel wall.

Flanged immersion heaters, both round flange and square flange models are a great choice for applications requiring larger wattages. Flanged immersion heaters are designed for installation into a pipe body, tank or pressure vessel using standard pipe size. These heaters are available in a wide selection of rates, sizes and sheath materials suitable for the heating requirements of water, air and other gases. Flanged immersion heaters are very efficient since all energy that is generated is dissipated directly into the medium which is being heated. All flanged heater models incorporate tubular heater construction welded or brazed into a carbon steel pipe flange. Nema 1 terminal enclosures are supplied with all standard units. Moisture resistant and explosion proof models are also available. All flanged immersion heaters we offer you including heaters for hazardous locations are CSA/NRTL and UL approved.

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MantaRay Portable Area-Velocity Flow Meter

The MantaRay Portable Area-Velocity Flow Meter measures flow in open channels, partially filled and surcharged pipes using an ultrasonic sensor. It's designed for monitoring stormwater, sewage, industrial effluent, irrigation water and natural streams. The MantaRay displays and datalogs flow rate and total flow and connects to samplers, SCADA and telemetry systems.

Calibration is simple: enter the pipe diameter or channel dimensions and the MantaRay automatically computes and displays the flow rate and total on its backlit LCD display. 
Mount the sensor at the bottom of the pipe or channel and hang the IP67 electronics case above the high water level.

Multi-Input Controller Model 2300

The 2300 offers a real breakthrough in process control. It features the functionality of a PLC and a SCADA in a compact package for the price of a transmitter. The 2300 basic unit accepts a total of four inputs from direct 4-20 mA output probes and three square wave inputs from pulse instruments such as paddle wheel or magnetic flow meters.

Four relay outputs are programmable from any of the seven inputs or via the difference of two analog inputs. More complex functions between inputs can be customized at the factory. More inputs or outputs are provided by purchase of an optional card.

Single Point Tool Cooling System

Frigid-X™ Single Point Tool Cooling System for dry machining applications - replaces polluting and often toxic mist systems to improve dry machining operations. No mess, no residue and low in cost.

It is efficient and can improve dry machining operations and assist in spot cooling applications for a variety of industrial machining processes but increasing matchining rates and extending tool life.

Produces cold air at approximately 50º F (28º C) below supply air temperature. The unit is muffled for quiet operation. No moving parts assures long life, maintenance free operation while extending tool life and improving production rates.

pH/ORP Monitors/Controllers 720 Series II

The advanced "isolated" circuitry of the 720 Series II pH/ORP Monitor/Controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements completely eliminating ground-loop and noise issues. 

The unique sensor preamp allows for longer distances between the sensor and the Myron L 720 Series II pH Monitor/Controller without the loss of accuracy or reliability.

All Myron L 720 Series II pH Monitor/Controllers feature a highly refined and precise Temperature Compensation circuit.  This feature perfectly matches the NERNST equation correcting the displayed reading to 25C.  The TC may be disabled to conform with USP 24.

Built-in electronic calibration allows for fast quality checks without buffers.
(Note: for maximum system accuracy buffers are recommended).

A push-to-test button makes set point checks easy, while the internal alarm set discourages unauthorized adjustments.

CS Corporation Stops

CS Corporation Stops have been designed to inject chemical into the center stream of the flow. Available in 7 materials of construction: brass, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, Stainless Steel, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy.

Quill diameter sizes range from 1/4" (DN 8) to 2-1/2" (DN 65). They are available in the following sizes 1/2" (DN 15) to 3" (DN 75) with threated, socket or flanged connections.

Peelable Spray Booth Coating, Peelable Floor Coverings

Peelable Spray Booth Coating from Carbicote help prevent the accumulation of paint overspray inside a spray-booth which is UNSAFE and UNPRODUCTIVE.

UNSAFE – Paint overspray and residue may be toxic to workers and cause serious fire and explosion risks.

UNPRODUCTIVE – The build up of paint overspray lowers productivity by:

  • 1) reducing visbility
  • 2) creating uneven and sticky walking surfaces
  • 3) causing product defects from dirty surroundings

IP144 Pressure Indicator from ONEhalf20

The IP144 Pressure Indicator offers a field selectable display and up to 2 configurable alarms, and dual LED display of PV and SV. The IP144 also offers optional 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc process pressure value re-transmission, and MODbus communications.

The IP144 pressure indicator is a standard 1/4 DIN (96 X 96 mm) package and is only 100mm deep.

  • 350 Ohm strain gauge input with scaleable units of measure

  • Low cost unit with pushbutton programming with calibration feature

Thermohygrograph - Temperature/Humidity Recorders

Use our thermohygrographs when ever you need a record of humidity and temperature conditions. Just put them in place and start recording, no connections, not even a power cord. That's faster, easier and likely less expensive than electronic instrumentation and data loggers.

Because we can supply them with traceable humidity and temperature certification and these recorders are easily transported to our Toronto plant for re-certification they may be ideal to meet your QA requirements. Applications include laboratories, clean rooms, museums, libraries, warehouses, environmental chambers and humidity sensitive production areas. The sensing elements are located inside a sturdy housing, well protected from mechanical damage. Since the transmission mechanism has minimal friction and is insensitive to shocks and temperature changes, correct readings of atmospheric conditions are guaranteed.

RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc

The RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc is designed for emergency relief of excess pressure in plastics processing machinery. It is designed to instantaneously rupture at a predetermined pressure.

The RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc has a 4" stem, Hex Head and a 5/8 - 11 NC mounting thread. The RD4H-5/8 is available in a wide variety of burst pressures and is typically a stock item.

  • Burst pressures from 1,500 to 15,000 psi

  • All stainless steel body and disc

  • 5/8 - 11 NC mounting thread

Biodegradable Descaler

DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale as it is known in Europe) is the world's fastest, safest and leading Biodegradable Descaler that is designed to dissolve the toughest water scale, limescale, mud and rust deposits from any piece of water-based equipment. Get rid of water scale, lime scale and other mineral deposits!

Whether you are descaling heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, pumps, cooling towers, boilers, tubes, pipes or any equipment that comes in contact with water, DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) is the Biodegradable Descaler of choice. Water scale on any heat transfer surface reduces the effectiveness of that heat transfer. This results in reduced equipment efficiency while increasing energy consumption, increasing costs and even increasing plant downtime.

Weatherproof Alarm & Overfill Protection Device

The Model AL201 is ULC listed: CAN/ULC-S661-10 Standard for Overfill Protection Devices for Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks AL201 is a family of alarm panels with provision for one to ten inputs and optional relay outputs.

The panel must be mounted in a non-hazardous location. The white pilot light indicates the 120 VAC power. A red pilot light provides the visual alarm indication for each alarm contact. The red light remains on until the alarm condition is corrected. The alarm circuit resets automatically.

V-10 Piston Metering Pumps

The V-10 (56C Frame Flange Drive) Series Piston Metering Pumps Simplex Pump with a single drive to one pump head. Stroke lengths and flow rates are calculated per head. All the various piston head sizes are interchangeable which makes application changes in the field simple. The standard simplex pump can readily be converted to a duplex pump in the field. Multiple head pumps can be fitted with identical heads or different sized heads for custom applications. All V-10 pumps are supplied with a pressure relief valve for each pump head.

Silicone Rubber Thermofoil™ Heaters

Silicone rubber is a rugged, flexible elastomer material with excellent temperature properties. It is most suited to larger heaters and industrial applications.

  • Rugged construction provides high reliability in a wide range of heating applications
  • Optional custom profiled heat density creates a uniform heat sink temperature which can improve processing yields
  • Factory vulcanization and high temperature capability allows higher wattage levels for faster processing
  • High temperature capability to 235ºC (455ºF)
  • UL and TUV component recognition available
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Not suitable for radiation, vacuum, or prolonged exposure to oil
  • Most economical in large sizes

2100 System Signal Conditioner

The demands of today’s measurement applications are more exacting than ever before. An instrumentation system must provide durability and versatility, reliability with ease of operation, and economy with no sacrifice of accuracy.

The 2100 System was engineered with all of these requirements in mind, and to provide a durable, multichannel signal conditioner/amplifier system capable of performing equally well in a wide variety of test applications and environments. And the 2100 System has proven itself through applications ranging from measurements on the ocean floor to testing of the space shuttle.

The 2100 System accepts low-level signals, and conditions and amplifies them into high-level outputs suitable for multiple-channel simultaneous dynamic recording. The 2100 System is compatible with strip charts, magnetic tape and X-Y recorders. Strain gage, load/pressure transducer and nickel temperature sensor inputs can be handled by the 2100 System without any rewiring.

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