October 18, 2016  

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Explosion Proof 2-Wire Temperature Transmitter - FuzyPro 8080TR

The FUZYPRO 8080TR is a Digital, PC programmable, galvanicaly isolated explosion proof universal input 2-wire smart temperature transmitter. The explosion proof universal input 2-wire smart temperature transmitter FuzyPro 8080TR converts 13 types of thermocouple sensors; 12 types of RTD sensors, configured as 2, 3 and 4 wires; potentiometer, resistor and millivolt inputs into process current loop. A 24 bit A/D converter is the heart of this outstanding performance.

The FUZYPRO 8080TR Universal input Smart transmitters are designed for use in process industries where vibration, inclement weather and corrosive atmospheres prevail. The electronics are enclosed in a copper-free epoxy coated Aluminum housing and for more aggressive environments, a SS316 housing is optionally available. The housings meet the requirements of NEMA 4X & IP68, and are also certified Explosion Proof by FM/CSA/ATEX/IECEx.

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PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter

It's ideal for flow troubleshooting, balancing and checking performance of permanent flow meters. The new PDFM 5.1 is fast and easy to operate – you can mount the sensor on the outside of a pipe in less than a minute. Use the built-in keypad and calibration menu to set up the flowmeter for your application. The PDFM 5.1 works on any liquid containing bubbles or solids and is recommended for "difficult liquids" like wastewater, slurries, sludge, chemicals, viscous liquids and abrasives. Measures flow through most metal and plastic pipes including PVC, ductile iron, carbon steel and stainless steel.

The PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter employs the latest technology in Doppler signal processing. Faster processing, higher data resolution and an improved ability to filter out noise, all combine to produce data accuracy far greater than previously possible.

  Iwaki Air AODD Pumps

Iwaki Air AODD pumps are engineered for maximum utility. They are portable and easy to install, operate, and maintain. Infinitely variable flow rates and variable discharge pressures can handle a large range of fluids, including corrosive chemicals and flammable liquids. The AODD pumps can run dry, self-prime and dead-head without damaging the pump. Other design elements that distinguish Iwaki Air AODD pumps include body stabilization features to ensure heat resistance, and sound suppression construction to reduce both mechanical noise and compressed air noise.

These pumps are built for power. A higher power output means the pump can operate with less applied air pressure compared with many competitor’s pumps – often outperforming pumps that may have a higher listed flow rate.

2" Adjustable Air Amplifier

2" Adjustable Air Amplifier Model 40002 from Nex Flow™ is used for a variety of applications - either coated aluminum or stainless steel for high temperature and corrosive environments.

The 2" Adjustable Air Amplifier is easy to mount and maintain. Compressed air consumption and noise levels are reduced. It takes energy from a small volume of compressed air to produce high velocity, high volume, low pressure output airflow.

The Adjustable Air Amplifier is quiet, efficient and can amplify flows up to 17 times their input air consumption rate.

 1" Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps From All-Flo

Engineered for maximum fluid and chemical compatibility. Heavy duty, stall free, non-metallic air section ensures stall free & freeze free operation. Our patented Max-Pass® valve system allows operation under a variety of conditions, ranging from clean fluids to slurries, to solids applications. Bolted design offers ease of maintenance and leak-free operation. Available in a variety of materials and options.

  • Suitable for clean liquids, slurries and solids up to 3/4 "

  • All-PUR ® by the FDA and available stainless Electropassivated Elastomers

  • Heavy duty air valve

  • Available in metallic or non metallic wetted parts

  • Muffler Included

Top Valve Back Pressure & Pressure Relief Valves Now Certified to NSF-61

Primary Fluid Systems Inc. has recently attained certification for its Top Valve brand of back pressure and pressure-relief valves. Available in various sizes, connections, and materials, Top Valve can be customized to systems’ needs. Top Valve is also available in high temperature and high pressure models.

NSF/ANSI-61 ensures the quality and material of products which come in contact with drinking water. It ensures that the product meets all regulatory requirements for the USA and Canada.

Primary Fluid Systems is anticipating approval for its remaining product lines over the course of 2016.

1-1/2 Inch Ring-Vac™ Pneumatic Air Conveyor System

1-1/2 Inch Ring-Vac™ Pneumatic Air Conveyor System Models 30003/30003S are made of aluminum or stainless steel has virtually no moving parts, conveys air at high rates and long distances. Utilizing compressed air for a powerful, efficient venturi action along its length in a compact design for high capacity conveying over large distances.

Available in both coated aluminum or high temperature stainless steel. Simply clamp a standard hose size to each end of the Ring-Vac™ to create this high energy conveying system. No moving parts for maintenance free operation with capacity and flow controlled with a pressure regulator.

The Ring-Vac™ Pneumatic Air Conveyor System is available in 3/4"(19mm) 1" (25mm), 1-1/4" (32mm), 1-1/2" (38mm), 2" (51mm) and 3” (76mm) sizes. Any size beyond that can be prohibitive for most applications due to high compressed air requirements.

IP144 Pressure Indicator from ONEhalf20

The IP144 Pressure Indicator offers a field selectable display and up to 2 configurable alarms, and dual LED display of PV and SV. The IP144 also offers optional 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc process pressure value re-transmission, and MODbus communications.

The IP144 pressure indicator is a standard 1/4 DIN (96 X 96 mm) package and is only 100mm deep.

  • 350 Ohm strain gauge input with scaleable units of measure

  • Low cost unit with pushbutton programming with calibration feature

Temperature Transmitter 2-Wire Economy RTD Hockey Puck Style

This is the one transmitter you need to stock for all your maintenance needs. Using your PC and the available software simply program this transmitter for any one of 7 RTD or 13 thermocouple types or customize the calibration linearization at up to 40 points to fit none standard transmitter outputs.

The output signal can be inverted and can be programmed to be linear with temperature or linear with resistance or mV input. Features include a 7mm central hole for easy spring loading of 1/4" tube, insulating barriers between terminals to prevent shorts and a captive cover on programming pins to keep them clean.

RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc

The RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc is designed for emergency relief of excess pressure in plastics processing machinery. It is designed to instantaneously rupture at a predetermined pressure.

The RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc has a 4" stem, Hex Head and a 5/8 - 11 NC mounting thread. The RD4H-5/8 is available in a wide variety of burst pressures and is typically a stock item.

  • Burst pressures from 1,500 to 15,000 psi

  • All stainless steel body and disc

  • 5/8 - 11 NC mounting thread

1/2" Standard Air Wipe Nex Flow™ Ring-Blade™ Air Blow-Off System

1/2" Standard Air Wipe Ring-Blade™ Air Blow-Off System is easy to mount and maintain and reduces both compressed air consumption and noise levels.

The Air Blow-Off System produces a "laminar" flow of air along its 360º angle using the "Coanda" effect which "entrains" a large volume of air from the surrounding area along with the small amount of compressed air from the Ring-Blade™ air-saver wiper-blade to produce an output flow up to 30 times.

Pay back on compressed air savings can be as soon as a few weeks in some applications when compared to nozzle "rings" or simple annular slots used by other air wiping systems.

Blow-off, cool & clean items like pipe, cable, wire and hose with the 1/2" Standard Air Wipe Nex Flow™ Ring-Blade™ Air Blow-Off System.

Midget Model 277 Pneumatic Indicator

The Midget Model 277 Pneumatic gauge provides an economical way to achieve reliable and accurate tank gauging in vented tanks.

Pneumatic gauges have been used for many years in tank gauging systems requiring remote indication with accuracy and stability over wide temperature ranges.

These gauges are supplied with custom dials, depending on the application. Dial scales may be manufactured to indicate proportional (i.e. E, ¼, ½, ¾, F), litres, gallons, feet & inches, percentage of full and dual scale.

OEM Application Cable Extension Position Transducer

The Celesco PTX101 is a low cost, compact and easy-to-use cable extension transducer. It is available with full-scale measurement ranges from 2 to 100 inches. The Celesco PTX101 provides a voltage feedback signal that is proportional to the linear movement of a traveling stainless-steel extension cable.

Simply mount the body of the transducer to a fixed surface and attach the extension cable to the moving object. The Celesco PTX101 is recommended for applications where space and money is limited.

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