June 27, 2017


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1/16 DIN PID Auto-Tune Temperature Controller With Fuzzy Logic

The Fuzzy Logic plus PIM microprocessor-based controller series, incorporate a bright, easy to read 4-digit LED display, indicating process value or set point value. The Fuzzy Logic technology enables a process to reach a predetermined set point in the shortest time, with the minimum of overshoot during power-up or external load disturbance.

Model F48 is a 1/16 DIN size panel mount controller. The unit is powered by 11-26 or 90-250 VDC/VAC supply, incorporating a 2 amp. control relay output as standard. The second output can be used as cooling control, an alarm or dwell timer. Both outputs can select triac, 5V logic output, linear current or linear voltage to drive external device. There are six types of alarm plus a dwell timer can be configured for the second output. The units are fully programmable for PT100 and thermocouple types J, K, T,E, B, R, S, N, L with no need to modify the unit. The input signal is digitized by using a 18-bit A to D converter. Its fast sampling rate allows the unit to controlfa st processes.

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PSL 5.0 Hybrid Pump Station Level Controller

Ideal for sewage pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and tank level control with a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted above the liquid. The new Greyline PSL 5.0 Level Controller has 6 independently programmable control relays for pump or valve control, level alarms, dialers, temperature alarm and echo-loss alarm.

Mount the non-contacting, ultrasonic sensor in the tank or wet well and install the watertight electronics in the control room or any location within 500 ft / 150 m. Use the simple menu system and built-in keypad to set up measurement range, relay set points and pump alternation sequence. A relay/pump run time report is updated and stored automatically for viewing on the PSL 5.0 backlit LCD display.

For hazardous locations, the ultrasonic sensor is rated Intrinsically Safe with an optional safety barrier. It is rated for measurement ranges up to 32 ft / 10 m, or use the optional PVC Sensor rated for 50 ft / 15.6 m measurement range.


Hallett 13 Systems For Non-Potable Applications

Hallett UV wastewater purification systems, with patented Crossfire Technology, are engineered for simple, efficient multiplex configuration, and treat flows up to 1 MGD (3785 m/day) For Non-Potable Applications including Wastewater and Process Water. Hallett LPHO (low pressure high output) systems For Non-Potable Applications including Wastewater and Process Water outperform all conventional LPHO wastewater systems and most medium pressure systems with the ability to treat very low quality (low UV transmittance) wastewaters trouble free. Traditionally, low-quality wastewater effluents have required medium pressure systems to reach the required dose. The Hallett system For Non-Potable Applications including Wastewater and Process Water is the first of its kind and the only LPHO technology that matches and/or beats the performance of conventional medium pressure systems which are significantly more expensive from a capital and operating cost perspective. Each Hallett system For Non-Potable Applications including Wastewater and Process Water is factory sized and programmed to achieve target treatment requirements. Hallett systems are effective in a broad range of pre-treatment wastewater quality. They are also engineered to prevent operator exposure to potentially hazardous wastewater since no manual quartz cleaning is required.

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M-Pump Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

With improvements, adaptations and various forms of the pump materialized. Air-driven diaphragm pumps, in various applications today because of the enhancements, and electrical and digital advancements have increased efficiency, performance, precision and monitoring capabilities.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump have an innovative flow pattern to minimize internal friction losses.These design features ensure that the compressed air is only used to move the liquid and not to compensate for friction losses.

Self-priming and sealless, our pumps are ideal for abrasive, semisolid, corrosive and shear sensitive materials.They are also chosen for applications; where electricity is not available, or cannot be used due to safety conditions.Diaphragm pumps provide pollution-free and energy-efficient operation, with fewer moving parts than conventional motor-driven pumps.

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Top Valve Back Pressure & Pressure Relief Valves Now Certified to NSF-61

Primary Fluid Systems Inc. has recently attained certification for its Top Valve brand of back pressure and pressure-relief valves. Available in various sizes, connections, and materials, Top Valve can be customized to systems’ needs. Top Valve is also available in high temperature and high pressure models.

NSF/ANSI-61 ensures the quality and material of products which come in contact with drinking water. It ensures that the product meets all regulatory requirements for the USA and Canada.

Primary Fluid Systems is anticipating approval for its remaining product lines.

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Pump Controllers

Ktech Industrial Products Inc., Pump Controllers are installed to automatically operate a pump to control the level of a liquid in a tank.

Pump Controllers are used in conjunction with Ktech Multi-Level Float Switches.

Use two contacts to start and stop the pump. A relay circuit switches power to the fractional horsepower pump motor or to the three-phase contactor of a large pump motor. Similarly, the switch contacts can be used to operate solenoid valves.

Use additional contacts to indicate an alarm condition. These alarms provide an audible and visual signal. The audible signal can be muted after which the warning light remains on until the alarm condition is corrected.

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Extruder Rupture Disks

ONEhalf20 Extruder Rupture Disks (Burst Plugs) are designed to provide emergency pressure relief on plastics processing machinery.

Extruder Rupture Disks (Burst Plugs) from ONEhalf20 are offered in a variety of lengths and configurations. Rupture disks are available with burst pressures from 1,500 up to 15,000 PSI.

ONEhalf20 Extruder Rupture Disks (Burst Plugs) are offered with several mounting thread styles that are commonly found on plastics processing machinery.

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Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter

The Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter measures the moisture content of many solid materials quickly and accurately. It provides a direct read-out of percent moisture in seconds. The extensive selection of probes available suits the Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter to very many materials.

Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter is designed for easy portability, fast operation with instantaneous indication and universal use. They are compact, handy units supplied with accessories, in a carrying case.

The measuring principle of the AQUA BOY is based on the electrical conductivity of the material which always bears a fixed relation to the moisture.

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RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc

The RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc is designed for emergency relief of excess pressure in plastics processing machinery. It is designed to instantaneously rupture at a predetermined pressure.

The RD4H-5/8 Extrusion Rupture Disc has a 4" stem, Hex Head and a 5/8 - 11 NC mounting thread. The RD4H-5/8 is available in a wide variety of burst pressures and is typically a stock item.

  • Burst pressures from 1,500 to 15,000 psi
  • All stainless steel body and disc
  • 5/8 - 11 NC mounting thread

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Air-Eagle SR Plus Transmitters - Wireless Remote Control

The AIR-EAGLE SR PLUS TX Is a handheld R.F. transmitter capable of sending up to four unique digital commands to an Air-Eagle SR Receiver located up to 600 feet away. Any number of transmitters and receivers can be combined to create a medium-range radio frequency system that operates hazardous or hard-to-reach equipment from safe, convenient locations. Eight user-programmable frequencies allow multiple systems to operate simultaneously in the same area without interference. This transmitter will automatically go into “sleep” mode when no buttons are being depressed on the unit to dramatically extend battery life.

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Intrinsically Safe Rotational Position Transducer Celesco RT9420

Intrinsically Safe Rotational Position Transducer Model RT9420 provides rotational position feedback via 4...20 mA current loop signal. This device combines the superb linearity and resolution of a plastic-hybrid potentiometer and the durability of Celesco's proven 4...20 mA circuit to provide an accurate and reliable electrical signal.

Additionally, the zero and span settings are adjustable through access holes in the housing. This innovative sensor from Celesco, designed to meet tough NEMA 4 and IP65 standards, is available in full-stroke measurement ranges of 1/4 to 50 turns (90 to over 18,000 degrees!).

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