August 8, 2017

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Circulation Heaters: Electric Circulation Heaters for Gases and Liquids

Circulation heaters are used when a pressurized, circulating fluid needs to be heated. A flanged immersion heater, or a screw plug immersion heater is inserted into a into a pressure vessel. This vessel may also be called a pipe body. The fluid passing though this circulation heater will raise to the desired temperature. This heating approach greatly enhances normal immersion heaters by offering a method to give you heat on demand. Many temperature control options give you can get the exact temperature control of the heated fluid.

Circulation heaters are ideal for pre-heating fuel oil, pumping viscosity and closed loop heat transfer systems or boosting the temperature of a gas. Standard ratings from 1.5 to 465 kW in various watt densities, sheath materials, chamber materials and pressure ratings.

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ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter

The ISM 5.0 accurately measures flow of conductive liquids in full pipes. It installs through a tap in the pipe wall and works on a wide range of pipe sizes. The dual-electrode sensor and continuous auto-zero function provides high accuracy - even at low flow rates. ISM 5.0 features include:

  • electromagnetic with no moving parts
  • simplified hot tap insertion design
  • installs in 3-72" (80-1800 mm) diameter pipes
  • selectable 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V output
  • 0-500Hz frequency output
  • scalable pulse output

The ISM 5.0 sensor can be easily installed in new pipe systems or by hot tap in pressurized pipes with flowing liquids. There are no moving parts so obstruction to flow and pressure drop is minimal. Installation through a full port ball valve allows easy retraction and reinsertion without shutting down flow.


CHEM-PRO C2 ProSeries Diaphragm Pump

  • Max feed rate: 15 GPH / 55 LPH
  • Max pressure: 175 PSI / 12 bar
  • 166 RPM (Max strokes per minute)
  • Variable speed, Smooth motor driven chemical feed
  • Nema 4X washdown / IP 66
  • Back Lit LCD display
  • Priming / Degassing Valve – Built-in
  • Leak Detection – Built-in Diaphragm Failure Detection (DFD)
  • Exclusive Diaflex® Single Layer PVDF diaphragm.


Cleveland SXT Series Side Entry Mixers

Side-entering mixers SXT Series work efficiently where a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering mixer, or where headroom is severely limited. Side Entry mixers are less expensive than top entry mixers in large tank installations because the long shafts required by extremely tall tanks are eliminated.

In the case of very large tanks, several smaller side entry mixers may be more efficient and economical than a single, larger unit.

The SXT design incorporates a trouble and maintenance free gear drive, unlike belt driven models where frequent belt adjustment or replacement is required. The SXT Series is ideal for process applications involving continuous blending, heat transfer, mass transfer, or solids suspension. It provides cost effective agitation of medium to low viscosity fluids in large storage tanks.

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ACCUDRAW PVC Calibration Cylinders Now Certified to NSF-61

Primary Fluid Systems Inc. has recently attained certification for its Accudraw PVC calibration cylinders. Available in a variety of sizes and connections, Accudraw cylinders can be customized to systems’ needs. Accudraw Calibration Cylinders were developed for the accurate calibration of metering pumps.

NSF/ANSI-61 ensures the quality and material of products which come in contact with drinking water. It ensures that the product meets all regulatory requirements for the USA and Canada.

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Ramsey Mercury-Free Tilt Sensor

Now available in a mercury-free version, this sensor provides you with the stability, sensitivity and performance you have come to expect from the traditional Thermo Scientific Ramsey Tilt Switches. Designed to meet government regulations, the mercury-free tilt sensor helps you improve your efficiency while protecting your profits.

Designed to help you address environmental concerns and meet government regulations regarding mercury usage, the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Mercury-Free Tilt Sensor uses advanced technology inside the tilt probe to replicate the same performance found in traditional mercury-based Ramsey tilt switches.

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ITMA or V Industrial Pressure Transmitters

The ITMA or V Industrial Pressure Transmitters are designed for the tough environments of hydraulic applications with the possible prescence of corrosive materials.

The ITMA or V Industrial Pressure Transmitters feature the reliable Bendix style 6 pin connector and either 4-20mA or 0 - 10 Vdc output. The units offer 1/8 X 27 NPT female process connection as standard.

  • 4-20mA or 0 - 10 Vdc outputs with zero and span adjustments
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5%
  • Internal 80% shunt calibration
  • All welded all stainless steel construction

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Thermohygrograph - Temperature/Humidity Recorders

Use our thermohygrographs when ever you need a record of humidity and temperature conditions. Just put them in place and start recording, no connections, not even a power cord. That's faster, easier and likely less expensive than electronic instrumentation and data loggers.

Because we can supply them with traceable humidity and temperature certification and these recorders are easily transported to our Toronto plant for re-certification they may be ideal to meet your QA requirements. Applications include laboratories, clean rooms, museums, libraries, warehouses, environmental chambers and humidity sensitive production areas. The sensing elements are located inside a sturdy housing, well protected from mechanical damage. Since the transmission mechanism has minimal friction and is insensitive to shocks and temperature changes, correct readings of atmospheric conditions are guaranteed.

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IP258 Pressure Indicator from ONEhalf20

The ONEhalf20 IP258 Pressure Indicator with strain gauge input and dual 5 digit display features high accuracy and simplicity of operation. The IP258 is available with up to three programmable alarms, 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc process value re-transmission, and MODbus communications.

The IP258 Pressure Indicator offers simplified user functionality with front panel buttons for Zero, Peak, and Manual Alarm Reset. The IP258 Pressure Indicator is a compact 1/8 DIN (96 x 48 mm) package with a large 0.5 inch LED display for process pressure indication.

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OEM Application Cable Extension Position Transducer

The Celesco PTX101 is a low cost, compact and easy-to-use cable extension transducer. It is available with full-scale measurement ranges from 2 to 100 inches. The Celesco PTX101 provides a voltage feedback signal that is proportional to the linear movement of a traveling stainless-steel extension cable.

Simply mount the body of the transducer to a fixed surface and attach the extension cable to the moving object. The Celesco PTX101 is recommended for applications where space and money is limited.

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Process Controls And Instrumentation

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