Advertising Opportunities In Process News

Process News provides advertising opportunities to the process control marketplace.

Here's what you get:

  • 75-100 words of copy, a picture in the Process News, link to an html page.

  • A complete html page with all the product information including pdf files.

  • Your company phone number.

  • A company logo link to your web site.

  • Request more information link.

  • Html page is coded and submitted to all major search engines.

Process News Circulation

The circulation of Process News is 50,803 (Canada - 20,429, United States - 20,335, Rest Of World - 10,039).

Our email circulation is verified via 3 separate email verifaction programs. Addresses are removed immediately upon request.

Addresses are obatained on a regular basis from our email spidering programs, responders to our Product Sites on, client lists and association rosters.

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Process News Advertising Rates

  • All issues (26 issue per year) $3,900.00 Canadian dollars

  • 1/2 year (13 issues) $1,950.00 Canadian dollars

  • 6 issues (minimum) $900.00 Canadian dollars

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  • Fill in and email to us ( and we will contact you.


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Based On One Release/Issue

All Issues Of Process News (26 issues) $3,900
One Half Year of Process News (13 issues) $1,950
One Quarter Year Process News (6 issues) $900


More Than One Release Per Issue $125/unit/issue
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